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It is common for companies to have an intention of switching their corporate secretary and accountant.

Usually, it is due to high fees and/or poor service quality. however, a lot of companies stuck with the same service provider for many years. This is due to the trouble and tedious work to transfer the accounts to the new service provider.

  • You are required to ensure that the service provider hands over all necessary documents.
  • By then, you might realize that the service provider may have failed to deliver partial documents or withhold these documents.
  • When taking over and handing over, there are additional documents to be prepared.
  • Messy Accounts when handing over.

Now, once you have the intention to switch to us, we will initiate a meeting with you to gather the information we need. Once we have the initial information, everything else is simple, straightforward and hassle-free for you. All you have to do next is to let us handle from here. We will prepare all documents from service termination notice, document handover preparation list, legal documents to resign officer and appoint officer.

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