July 12, 2019

Payroll Payroll is one of the most important but tedious human resource function in any company. Employers cannot afford to have any margin of error when preparing payslips and payment to their employees and the CPF Board. Many times, employers also may not be sure of certain Employment laws, or the rates for CPF calculation, causing a delay in payment date. Companies also may not have a proper record keeping workflow (losing of payslips, unable to track payment, unable to verify reimbursement claims). This results in more time spent to trace back and verify any records. As a business, your main focus should be spending time on how to offer your services and products efficiently, getting more sales, processing orders and delivering services, rather than spending time calculating salary, verifying reimbursements and paying CPF, Skill Levy etc. Our payroll service offers to: Maintain monthly payroll processing and records Produce payslips based on employees’ contract and management approvals Customize schedule to ensure punctual salary pay-out and CPF payment To use our preferred payroll system catered to your business: Employers Management and Approval of Leaves Vetting and Approval of Reimbursement Claims Overall Calendar to monitor employee status Employees Overview and Application of Leaves Submission of reimbursement claims Time attendance tracking of working hours, overtime hours Retrieval of Payslips

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