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Record-Keeping With

On The Go!

Record all bills, receipts, and invoices anywhere you are. Simply take a photo with your phone using the Receipt Bank platform and let the system process.

Detailed Payment Voucher

Manage your payment vouchers using the receipt bank platform and avoid overpayment. with the detailed payment voucher, you can assure your suppliers' peace of mind.

Simple and Easy to use Interface

Manage your payable bills easily with Receipt Bank's Platform designed for easy usage. Its easier to make sure you did not miss out any bills.

Synchronise your data with us automatically

We are able to download and retrieve all uploaded receipts and invoices for our book-keeping purposely directly! There is no need for transporting physical documents anymore.

Exclusive Features

*Unlimited Automatic Data Extraction from receipts and invoices & Credit Notes

*Unlimited Cloud Storage

Sales tax (GST) Supported

Unique email address for suppliers' invoice or receipts data extraction

Integration to Xero Cloud-based Accounting Software

Multi-Currency Supported

Data Export to CSV (Excel) or PDF format

Manage employee expenses

Secure Data Retention Policy (Up to 7 years)

Web based & Mobile Application (IPhone & Android)

Dedicated support by Admin manager

Terms & Conditions:

* The Term “Unlimited” is subject to user fair usage policy and should only be restricted to bona-fide business expenditures only. To provide the best possible experience to the most possible users on the platforms, BTA (“Business Tax Accountancy”) reserves the right to suspend any user account for any form of abuse immediately without notice.

Set up a business in Singapore with our help. We will provide advice to ensure that you selected the best-suited business structure for your business.

  • Private Limited Company

    Company Incorporation for Private Limited Company Overview Private Limited Company is more popular in Singapore as they are separate legal entities from their owners unlike other business structures e.g  Sole Proprietor and Partnership. Owners or Shareholders are only subjected to limited liability up to the amount of share capital they

  • Limited Liability Partnership

    Business set-up for Limited Liability Partnership A Limited Liability Partnership (“LLP”) is a hybrid of “Partnership” and “Private Limited Company”. It is a type of business structure where 2 or more partners form an entity which has its own separate legal identity like a Private Limited Company. It has rights

  • Sole-Proprietor/Partnership

    Business set-up for sole-proprietor/partnership Business Introduction A Sole Proprietor / Partnership is the most simple business entity for entry level entrepreneurs in Singapore. It is easy to setup and owners do not have to worry about the ongoing statutory compliance from government bodies apart from the annual business license renewal.

We have some of the best qualified corporate secretaries who are ready to help you ensure your business is running smoothly and keeping in compliance with all the proper business procedures.

  • Nominated Corporate Secretary

    Nominated Corporate Secretary All companies incorporated in Singapore are required to appoint a corporate secretary. According to section 171, (1AA) of the companies act, the corporate secretary must satisfy the requirements relating to experience, profession and academic requirements and membership of professional associations as may be prescribed. This important position

Our Tax Agent more than qualifies to handle your individual income tax, corporate income tax and Goods & Services Tax.

  • Goods & Services Tax

    Goods & Services Tax What is GST? Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a tax levied on import of goods, and all taxable goods and services in Singapore. GST was introduced in 1994 to allow Singapore. All goods sold in Singapore or services rendered in Singapore will be taxable unless it

  • Corporate Tax Compliance

    Corporate Tax Compliance For all Singapore incorporated Companies, it is essential to file your taxes correctly and on time. However, with the rapidly expanding financial business market, filing your taxes is more complex and confusing than ever. We work with you to ensure your company remains up-to-date with the latest

  • Individual Tax Compliance

    Individual Tax Compliance For all Singaporean or Permanent Resident, it is essential to file your income tax correctly and on time. However, many of the taxpayers have little knowledge of the deductions that they are able to claim. There are actually many types of reliefs that you may be eligible

Our experienced and certified accountants will help you by maintaining all proper records and providing the management reports on a timely basis.

  • Record-keeping with Receipt Bank

    Record-Keeping With

  • Xero With Us

    Advantages of using Xero Accounting Software Xero Accounting software is designed to be simple and easy to use. As a cloud software, it allows users to have access to their real-time reports online while on the move. It integrates an invoicing system where you can send your clients their online

  • Accounting/Book-keeping

    Accounting/Book-keeping To run an efficient and legal local business in Singapore, accounting and other records that will sufficiently explain the transactions and financial position of the Company must be kept and carefully maintained so as to enable true and fair financial statements to be conveniently and properly audited if required.