Record-Keeping With

On The Go!

Record all bills, receipts, and invoices anywhere you are. Simply take a photo with your phone using the Receipt Bank platform and let the system process.

Detailed Payment Voucher

Manage your payment vouchers using the receipt bank platform and avoid overpayment. with the detailed payment voucher, you can assure your suppliers' peace of mind.

Simple and Easy to use Interface

Manage your payable bills easily with Receipt Bank's Platform designed for easy usage. Its easier to make sure you did not miss out any bills.

Synchronise your data with us automatically

We are able to download and retrieve all uploaded receipts and invoices for our book-keeping purposely directly! There is no need for transporting physical documents anymore.

Exclusive Features

*Unlimited Automatic Data Extraction from receipts and invoices & Credit Notes

*Unlimited Cloud Storage

Sales tax (GST) Supported

Unique email address for suppliers' invoice or receipts data extraction

Integration to Xero Cloud-based Accounting Software

Multi-Currency Supported

Data Export to CSV (Excel) or PDF format

Manage employee expenses

Secure Data Retention Policy (Up to 7 years)

Web based & Mobile Application (IPhone & Android)

Dedicated support by Admin manager

Terms & Conditions:

* The Term “Unlimited” is subject to user fair usage policy and should only be restricted to bona-fide business expenditures only. To provide the best possible experience to the most possible users on the platforms, BTA (“Business Tax Accountancy”) reserves the right to suspend any user account for any form of abuse immediately without notice.