Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company Incorporation


Private Limited Company is more popular in Singapore as they are separate legal entities from their owners unlike other business structures e.g  Sole Proprietor and Partnership.  

Owners or Shareholders are only subjected to limited liability up to the amount of share capital they contributed to the company. In addition, there are also government incentives and schemes which help a lot of companies especially new start-ups whom normally face cash flow issues in their initial years.

There are many common issues that a company may face, which includes shareholder value, dividend payment, director’s fees, management remuneration packages, share options, tax credit distribution, company’s business expansion plans, and independence on the board. So why incorporate with us? We ensure that your company is incorporated with proper procedures, and therefore will reduce any unnecessary disputes among the shareholders, directors, and management.

We strongly recommend that you leave the business administrative duties and corporate secretarial matters to us, Business Tax Accountancy Pte Ltd. We ensure that the company complies with all requirements and have all the necessary documents.

In Business Tax Accountancy, we constantly update our process to fit with the latest government’s compliance. We ensure that our incorporated clients’ interests are well protected.

Our Incorporation package includes the following:

  • Company Name Search and Reservation ( ACRA fee : $15 )
  • Company Incorporation with ACRA ( ACRA fee : $300 )
  • Preparation of First Directors’ Board Meeting
  • Preparation of Company’s Constitution
  • Shares Certificates
  • Common Seal
  • Directors’ resolution for bank account opening
  • Purchase of ACRA Business Profile

Minimum Requirements

  • 1 Individual / Corporate shareholder
  • 1 Resident Director
  • 1 Company Secretary
  • $1 Paid Up Capital
  • Registered Address

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Private Limited Company

Incorporation Fees

Incorporation of CompanyPrice (SGD$)
1 or 2 Local Director / Shareholder$688
Additional Local Director / Shareholder$100/pax
Additional Foreigner Director / Shareholder$300/pax
Above fee is inclusive of ACRA registration fee.

Things to prepare

For Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents For Foreigners

For Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents

For Foreigners