We are offering our referral scheme to all agents based in Singapore. Simply share our website link to potential customers and leave the rest to us.

If they sign up for our services, you will get the commission based on the tables below.

Referral Scheme


Number of ReferralsCommission
Less than or equal to 2$50 Each
Less than or equal to 5$75 Each
More than 5$100 Each

Service engaged that are above $800 will be considered a referral. The referral is accumulated for a period of 3 months before the commission is tabulated.

Business Set Up (BSU) Scheme


Business Setup FormCommission
Sole-Porprietor / Partnership$15 Each
Limited Liability Partnership$30 Each
Privated Limited Company$50 Each

We will provide you with a unique code, and the client can use your code in the online Forms to enjoy $30/‐ Discount.

The commission pay‐out will be via cheque / GIRO transfer depending on your choice. The pay-out slip will be sent to you for verification before payments will be made within 3-5 working day.

Commission Tabulation PeriodPayslip Date
1st January - 31st March5th April
1st April - 30th June5th July
1st July - 30th September 5th October
1st October - 31st December5th January

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